March 29, 2020.          ONLINE

Privacy 4

Are you a practitioner that uses digital devices to store client phone numbers, emails or notes?

Do you have a computer or smartphone that you use yourself?

Do you know how to keep these secure and safe from hacking, malware and know the law around sharing data securely?

Do you fully understand GDPR, ePR and DPA 2018?

Do you understand how to be a professional with an online presence and what the law is around behaviour online?

If not then sign up to the Privacy4 standard and find out more and practice safely, ethically and lawfully. It's in your best interest.

April 4, 2020               ONLINE

Using Technology IN Therapy practice. 

The course includes: Practical issues, Technology and Equipment, Ethics, Law, AR, VR and Gaming/Digital Media. The day will take participants through the technology and allow you to experience first hand the games and how these can be applied to practice.

April 25, 2020.              ONLINE


Cybertrauma: What is this and why does this differ from corporeal (real life) trauma? What is the impact and what can I do?

A simple bio/psycho/social model of attachment and polyvagal approaches to device/game use I children and young people.

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