Psychotherapy & Supervision In-person or online

Psychotherapy is a safe space for you to discuss and work through issues that may be affecting you in your day to day functioning. It is your process, at your speed on your focus. 

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I provide singular person online sessions for over 13’s and/or family/parent/carer with the child for sessions for play/creative work for younger children. I have been doing this for some time and can talk you through it once you contact me, it is not as scary as it looks or sounds!!

I work with children, adolescents and adults, holding a dual MSc qualification, two PG Dips and a BSc (Hons) to work with these groups on the UKCP accreditation register, meaning I carried out 600 voluntary hours for each register entry before being able to practice privately.


You may want to work with me for a small amount of time to manage smaller issues or perhaps commit to a deeper journey, this is your choice.


Adults take on average, according to research about 16-20 sessions to work through an issue. Longer-term trauma’s can take longer than this.


There is evidence to suggest this for children and young people also so please feel free to book a session to see if I can help you or your child.


I use technology in therapy which consists of gaming consoles (age-appropriate games), Biofeedback and Tracking apps to help combine empowerment and mental health.

Sessions are booked by you, usually in six-week blocks or more, paid weekly before the session.

If you would like to combine this with functional health approaches we can do this, however we will discuss what works for you in your assessment session.


I am a clinical supervisor also for working with Adults, Children and Young people including online work: To book these sessions please contact me first for availability 

Child Psychotherapy
Child Psychotherapy

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