Catherine Knibbs and Sarah Henry proudly present their first conference of 2020.


“ACES, SPACES, RELATIONSHIPS and Learning”: A trauma informed day to help you understand children and young people.


This full day conference will explore the effect of trauma on a child and the impact that this can have on their learning and development and their overall wellbeing. The day is intended to give you a deep dive into understanding children and young people who have been affected by any kind of trauma and how you can relate to them, assist and support them. This really is THE research-based way to be WITH young people and be that one person to make a lifelong impact.

During the day delegates will consider:

  • What is Trauma?

  • What are ACES?

  • How can we support children who are experiencing trauma?

  • Why trauma is not a quick fix issue

  • What is a compassionate school?

  • How can we can install hope and shine a light for children who live their experience day to day?

  • How do we develop trauma sensitive schools to help children learn?

  • How can we 'catch and hold' children the next day who are traumatised from the night before?


ACES' are Adverse Childhood Experiences and include traumatic experiences for children for example sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and domestic abuse.


For children who have experienced such events they will need the right SPACES and RELATIONSHIPS to process and navigate through their pain in order to be able to function and learn. Spaces including psycholgical, somatic, emotional and environmental space.


The aim of the day is to bring together multi agency professionals working with children and young people to consider collectively how to become more trauma aware, infomred and to be able to apply some of the knoweldge to enable the most vulnerable children to be cared for in supportive environments.


The conference will also present an opportunity for some 200 professionals to build relationships to bring to life 'Working Together 2018' in its purest form. This in itself helps to keep children safer.

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