Technology & Human Behaviour

Rather like Cyber Psychologists I take a keen interest in human behaviour, particularly in a digital world. Having worked in this sector for over two decades, transitioning into Psychotherapy led me to see the overlap of these two worlds and how people use technology and in turn are affected by it.


This led to me: Creating a theory about Cybertrauma (click here to be directed to the Cyber Trauma page), authoring a book for parents and professionals, with four new additions due out this year, and creating training packages for professionals around a number of topics such as Cybertrauma.


And, using technology in therapy and understanding humans who make errors in the workplace for the corporate/cybersecurity sectors. If you want to understand the human behaviour in a digital world please book me for training around these issues.


I also use technology in and for therapy sessions (where it is suitable to do so, and this consists of biofeedback, gaming and tracking apps- see the psychotherapy page for more details)

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